Membership / Community LIfe

How do I become a member?

Church membership formalizes the commitment between individuals and a local church body. Before making such a commitment to Wooster Mennonite, you must have received Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and be able to give evidence by life and testimony of such a decision.

If you are interested in becoming a member, contact the church office by phone, 330-262-3631. or email us at pastor@woostermennonite.com, and we can sign you up for the next Membership Class. If you decide at the end of the class to become a member, an Elder or Pastor will meet with you to discuss your faith in Christ and your involvement in the church.

How long has Wooster Mennonite existed?

We were founded as a house church in 1942.  For more information about the history of our church, please see our “About Us” page.

What is baptism and how can I arrange for a baptism?

Baptism is a celebration of a new relationship with God that is ours in Christ.  We recognize we have received a new identity as we renounce sin and the evil of this world and pledge to become a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ.  This new relationship is initiated by God and we receive it as a gift.

Wooster Mennonite practices adult or believer baptisms.    Child dedication services are also available.   Baptism assumes faith in Christ and the receiving of what Jesus has done and is doing for us.  This means leaving behind the old life and beginning a new one, the life of a disciple.

How is Wooster Mennonite organized?

Wooster Mennonite is organized by six leadership Elders.  (Stewardship, Outreach, Community Life, Prayer & Care, Christian Formation and Worship).  Elders are  elected following a discernment process and a congregational vote.

What is communion and how often is it offered?

Wooster Mennonite celebrates communion regularly during our Sunday morning service.  You don’t have to be a member to join us for communion.

Worship Services

What should I expect if I attend a church service and what do people wear?

The 10:30 am service follows a 9:30 Adult and Children’s Sunday School hour.  Most people at our services are dressed casually.

Each worship service provides both contemporary and traditional music.  We believe the music is tastefully done in a manner that exalts the Lord and assists our corporate worship of Him.

Are children welcome in the worship service?

Yes, this is not a problem.   We primary (update to 2 years) childcare services during the worship service.   Many times there are specific “children times” embedded within the worship services.

Does the church have people from different racial groups?

We have people in our church from different racial groups. Our ethnic diversity basically mirrors our community, which is to say that most of our church is white. Yet we expect this to gradually change as the years go by. Race has never been an issue in our church.   We have an outreach to the local college as well as coordination to our sister church that has a Hispanic outreach.

How long has Wooster Mennonite existed?

We were founded as a house church in 1942.  For more information about the history of our church, please see our “About Us” page.

Facilities and Church Office

Can I / how do I rent Wooster Mennonite Church?

Our facilities are available for rental.  The use must be compatible with Wooster Mennonite beliefs and social positions and appropriate for a church facility.  Contact the church office to check for facility availability and for a copy of the policy and rental form. { Add a link to the rental policy here }

Can we have a funeral at Wooster Mennonite Church?

Wooster Mennonite  wants to be there for you in your time of need, whether you are a member or not.  Our pastor and congregational community are committed to honoring the life of your loved one as well as bringing the hope and peace that is ours in Christ into the funeral service.  Specific arrangements need to be made through the pastor who is doing the service.

What are the church office hours?

The building is open Monday – Friday 10am – 2pm.

Can I get married at Wooster Mennonite Church?

Yes, you can.  Some churches require you to be members to get married in their church.  Wooster Mennonite doesn’t.  We welcome you to use our facilities and staff to make your wedding day a memorable experience.  To arrange a wedding, contact the church office at 330-262-3631.   Premarital counseling sessions are required and weddings are performed with the understanding that couples who seek a church wedding desire a Christian service.